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From Everest to the Board Room.

From the summit of Mount Everest back to the Board Room, Jeff Evans captivates audiences worldwide with the lessons he’s learned from the trail, drawing upon the hidden metaphors of Leadership, Commitment, Teamwork, and Vision. Learn More >>

Recent clients include:

  • Microsoft
  • Cisco
  • Safeway
  • Army
  • ESPN
  • Starbucks
  • Franklin
  • Cetera
  • Century Link
  • Sanofi
  • Kaiser Permenante
  • Wells Fargo
  • Edward Jones
  • Unilever
  • Marines

Wild Adventures. Safe Experiences.

From the roof of Africa to ancient Incan trails to the magical kingdom of Bhutan, MountainVision Expeditions (MVX) is your connection for trekking and climbing expeditions across the globe. For more than a decade, we have been in the business of guiding adventurers to the highest and wildest places in the world. You will not find any other guide service that can provide the quality and safety that comes with every MVX trip. This is based on owner Jeff Evans’ guidance as one of the most experienced high altitude medical officers in the business.

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MountainVision Videos

The MountainVision library includes a variety of video content, from our own overview videos and TV appearances by Jeff Evans, to short films by Alex Williams, Emeka Ngwube and more.

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Inspiring Stories and Gear

"After seeing Jeff in Blindsight I knew he was the guy for us in our ascent of Kilimanjaro. His role as the doctor on that expedition was enough for me to see. We were in."

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Speaker Testimonials

" Our meeting went very well and concluded on such a high point with Jeff’s presentation.  Our group loved his messag..."

- Melissa Harnden
Meeting & Conference Coordinator, Sammons Retirement Solutions

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Expedition Testimonials

" It was an incredible expedition. Yes I did get to see and hear an Avalanche, see rocks falling from the trail ahead, talke..."

- Bill Smith, Everest Base Camp 2013

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The Latest from the Blog...


Pledging Forward

Time to wax poetic about a new year, the passing of time and a new pledge…

I continue to find it fascinating how time actually accelerates as we age. It just seems as though each year goes by faster than the previous… which flies right in the face of the laws of astrophysics as the Earth's rotation is actually slowing slightly with time. Atomic clocks show that a modern day is longer by about 1.7 milliseconds than a century ago.

What the cosmic hell? I was sure we were moving faster.

Perhaps it’s the markers in our lives that give us temporal reference:

Our kids… 
watching my son grow what appears to be about an inch every week or so gives me pause. As does his burgeoning wit and maturity. It seems his comedic timing becomes more polished everyday. Last week I was cleaning up a poopy diaper, this week I’m belly laughing at his humor-injected diatribe on what gauge gun is most appropriate to take down a “2,000 lb buck”.

Our pets…
watching my old pal Tucker struggle through the doggy realization that he can’t even walk a mile without a struggle anymore. Just a couple of years ago he was charging in the backcountry with me through deep powder. Now he finds it tough to slog his back end up the stairs. One day in the not so distant future he will be gone. And I/we will be heartbroken. My 13 years with him a fleeting memory.

Our seasons…
Wait, we’re already half way through winter? It seems as though yesterday we were looking for relief from the 95* blazing sun and this morning I’m scraping ice off my windshield. Tomorrow it will be Spring and then Summer will be next week. Can you say Fast Times at Lifetime High?

Our calendars…
Perhaps its because as we age our responsibilities increase and our calendars fill up like your belly on Thanksgiving Day. Hustle and bustle creates a fast forward environment… always planning and shuffling to and from the next event.

Time hovers over all of us, imposing its will.

If you distil down all that we know as a species… time is actually one of the only constants in life. It goes on, with or without us. No matter your religious or political sways, time plods along; the seconds consistently ticking by while the rest of the universe dances on the ebb and flow of chaos and order.

There is no way to stop time or even pause it. But perhaps there are a few ways to combat the perceived perception of this fleeting journey…

Time to be more engaged in life with the people you value. Make time for these people. Go on dates with your spouse. Go camping with your kids. Less television and video games. More meals together. More road trips. More adventures together.

Time to step away from social media and the narcissism of the gratuitous “look at me” selfie. We know how cool your life is. Go live it.

Time to cull the toxic people from your environment. We all have at least 1 or 2. They pull at your bandwidth. They take you away from the things that are precious. Time is too precious for that.

Time to sit less and stand more. Be outside more than inside. If it’s cold… put more clothes on. Run through the trees and tromp through the creeks.

Time to seek out new adventure. Use your passport. Eat weird food. Pick up a new sport. Take on a new hobby.

The dusty old New Year resolution is so 20thcentury. It’s time to make a pledge. This is a promise to you. You are accountable for your pledge and seeing it through.

My pledge(s):

I pledge to be a better human. A better spouse. A better father. A better son. A better brother. A better teammate.
I pledge to try 6 things that scare the shit out of me.
I pledge to attempt at least 6 things this year that will most likely end in failure.

All of us at No Barriers have agreed to take the pledge. It’s your turn…

Once we appreciate the value of time we are better equipped to manage it.
Time will pass by this year just as fast as it did last year…but I pledge to be more proactive in how I live in it.

“Life gets mighty precious when there’s less of it to waste.”
                                           -Bonnie Raitt
...


It's Not About The Mountain

Typically when a team arrives on top of a well-earned mountain summit, the moment is met with a loud chorus of yee-haws, high fives and bear hugs. I’ve been a part of many of those scenes on summits all over the world over the past 20 years.

Not this time…

The 2014 Soldiers to Summits capstone expedition culminated last week with a summit of Mt Whitney in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains. At 14,505ft, it stands as the highest point in the contiguous United States. When I first accepted the role as the expedition leader for this years capstone trip, I have to admit that I was a little uninspired with the choice of Whitney. Clearly it doesn’t carry the allure or prestige of a Himalayan peak or the exotic nature of a mountain down in the Andes. However our main sponsor, Wells Fargo, had requested in their support of the expedition that we keep our training and peak objective within the borders of the lower 48 states. 

You bet… we can do that.

In preparation for our final expedition in the Sierras, the team came together for two separate training exercises in the Rockies of Colorado. It quickly became very clear to me and my leadership team that this year’s group of injured veterans was remarkable. We had selected well. Each of them embodied the characteristics that we strive to recruit for each of our S2S experiences… maturity, a willingness to grow and heal as well as a solid, collaborative energy. More so than any of the past iterations of S2S, this team was ready to charge forward with solid intent.

We came together as a team during our trainings… we came together as a family while we were trekking towards Whitney.

The week we spent together deep in the Sierra backcountry gave us the opportunity to embrace the mountains and each other… learning, growing and healing along the way. The mountains don’t always give us what we want but they always give us what we need.

As the morning of September 11thdawned, all twenty of us stepped on to the summit of Whitney just as the nautical twilight was starting to cast its glow over the horizon. We took those final steps and gazed east, watching the day dawn over a country that is still hurting from those devastating events 13 years earlier. We paused to remember those that were lost both on that day and as a result of conflicts that sprang from the events of 9/11. In fact, the vast majority of the men and women on this trip had enlisted or were brought back in to active duty as a result of that horrific day…. their lives changed forever.

I’ve been on bigger and bolder mountains. I’ve been on tougher and colder mountains. But I have never been as proud as I was that morning standing on top of that mountain with those men and women. Quietly. Solemnly.
We hugged each other… one by one. Very few words spoken. Many subtle smiles exchanged with a knowing glance. We knew why we were there. We were there to remember. To honor. To heal.

Because it’s not about the mountain. It’s about the people.

Climb High
...

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